The themes of the Stations of the Cross are included in our Easter season reading guide. On Good Friday at North Eugene Faith Center we will have a self-guided visual presentation of the Stations, with photography and artwork. If you are in the Eugene, Oregon area, we invite you to participate in this event by submitting your own original artwork to align with the theme of one of the Stations.

The account of the time from the Condemnation of Jesus (Station 1) to the Resurrection of Christ (Station 15) is written in Matthew 27-28; Mark 14-16; Luke 22-24; and John 18-20. Additional Scriptures that align with the themes of the Stations are included in our reading guide.

Submission Guidelines:

✟ You may submit artwork in any medium, depicting Scripture verses, events, or themes from any of the Stations of the Cross or events alluded to in the theme of any Station.

✟ Please note the Station your artwork is intended to accompany.

✟ Artwork must be appropriate for viewing by all ages and audiences. Please do not depict nudity, despite the historical accuracy. Please do not depict demonic presences; though Satan was at work in the events of the crucifixion, we want this display to focus on Christ.

✟ Please submit your original artwork only. Though you may own artwork you have purchased that fits this theme, the intention of including original artwork is to engage in the story afresh, as you reflect and create.

✟ There are no size restrictions, though keep in mind that if something is very small, it will be difficult to be seen on display; if it is very large, it may not fit in the room. The entire event will take place in the NEFC sanctuary.

✟ You may submit more than one piece. The NEFC pastoral staff reserves the final decision as to which pieces will be displayed and where. Depending on the number of submissions, all works may not be able to be included.