WEEK 2 – Let the Oppressed go free

“Is not this the fast that I choose…to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke?” Isaiah 58:6 ESV

This week is about forgiveness and showing value to others instead of holding things against them. Only by letting go of the ones you are “oppressing” can you also become free!

Community Fast (No Sweets, No Meats)

Giving up: My rights, my own sense of Justice

Alive to: Freedom, Grace, Mercy

Day 8: Sunday, March 8

Snack: Matt 5:23-26

Meal: Psalm 37

Ask yourself: How is it going? Check in with your Fasting Buddy. Decide if you will change anything in your personal fast this week. Use today for rededication. Did you blow it last week? It’s a new day! Rededicate yourself to God today.

Action Challenge: This week is about Giving Up: My rights, My own sense of justice; and being Alive To: Freedom, Grace and Mercy. Is there someone you may need to reconcile with this week?

Day 9: Monday, March 9

Snack: Matthew 6:12-15

Meal: Psalm 25

Ask yourself: Think about some emotional hurts you are dealing with. How does this affect the way you think about yourself? Do you have someone you need to forgive?

Action Challenge: Spend time processing (however that is effective for you: verbal, in writing, by taking a walk or a long shower…) and think about a relationship that is challenging right now. Ask God why it is difficult. Listen.

Day 10: Tuesday, March 10

Snack: Matt 5:3-12

Meal: Matthew 5

Ask yourself: When you read today’s Scripture, where do you see yourself? What traits do you think God may want to develop in you? Do you trust that these words are actually true?

Action Challenge: Continue to think about a challenging relationship, and an action God may want you to take to bring more health there. Do you need to do a concrete action of forgiveness toward someone?

Day 11: Wednesday, March 11

Snack: Psalm 9:9-10

Meal: Psalm 9

Ask yourself: Do you feel you are being oppressed? Trust in God and know that though he does not desire people to treat each other poorly, he redeems all situations that are brought to Him.

Action Challenge: Remember that you can only change you. If there is a situation out of your control, ask God to change your heart, to make the situation more bearable.

Day 12: Thursday, March 12

Snack: Ephesians 6:5-9

Meal: Psalm 146

Ask yourself: Think about areas where you have strong influence or leadership: this could be at work, over your children, with a spouse, among those you volunteer with… Are you treating these people fairly? Are you letting them be themselves/make their own decisions or are you trying to control them?

Action Challenge: Apologize if needed; take steps to make things right, and try to see situations from someone else’s perspective.

Day 13: Friday, March 13

Snack: Psalm 130:3-4

Meal: Psalm 130

Ask yourself / Action Challenge: Continue to think about your challenging relationships. We have been forgiven much! And when God forgives, He truly does not hold anything against us anymore. Are there things you are holding against yourself? Is there shame attached to your past? Is this weighing you down? Is your past causing you to hold things against others? Keep praying for freedom and revelation.

Day 14: Saturday, March 14

Snack: John 8:6-11

Meal: John 8

Ask yourself / Action Challenge: Spend time thanking God for his forgiveness toward you. Take a concrete step to express forgiveness/blessing to someone else. Even if you don’t fully feel it, doing something to bless someone (or even bless their memory) can help love and forgiveness grow in your heart, which leads to freedom.