I live in Eugene, Oregon; previously from the Los Angeles area. This blog is about pursuing God in everyday aspects of life. Seeing him in the little things, and in whatever roles you find yourself fulfilling. More often than I’d like, I realize at the end of the day that I haven’t spent much time truly listening to God. I have spent too little time just enjoying my children’s company. I haven’t had a meaningful conversation with my husband. I haven’t spoken much about God. I haven’t been thankful. I haven’t called the friend who has been on my mind.

Wife, Mom, Pastor, Friend. These are the most important roles in my life. Wife for twelve years, mother of four. Licensed Pastor in the Foursquare Church since 2003; Pastor by calling and ordination, though not always by salary. And I hope to be the kind of friend who can listen well, be there when I am needed, and inspire hope, faith, joy, and gratitude. I am starting this blog in an attempt to keep at heart the relationships and roles that are most important to me, and to help me recognize the spiritual side of the everyday things in life, and finding meaning in what is most important, not in what seems to be most immediate, or most obvious.

Since many of my posts are about the Bible, I want to give credit to my main sources:

1. Mom and Dad – I am a pastor’s kid, and have great respect for my parents. They raised me well, and taught me much about God. Not just because we went to church together, but because we lived the word of God. Thanks for a great foundation, mom and dad!

2. Bedroom Bible College – When I was 13, I attended a national Foursquare Youth Conference. It changed my life. That is when I really became serious about a personal relationship with God, and about studying the Bible for myself. The guide I received at that conference is still available. Anyone can do it!

3. Life Pacific College – I received my undergrad degree here, a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies with an emphasis on Biblical Languages and Cross-Cultural Ministry. It is a wonderful school, and a great educational value. They have a very nice campus, and also online BA and MA classes available. If you are looking for Biblical education, or just to take a few classes to get a solid foundation in God’s Word, I highly recommend it!

4. Azusa Pacific University – I received my seminary degree here, a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies. Again, it is an excellent school with wonderful faculty and a great perspective on all different Protestant Christian faiths. I loved my time here, and learned from some amazing professors. APU has tons of other programs, too, and a great reputation.

So, all that to say, yes this blog contains my ideas, but they are ideas with some valid training behind them, and serious scholarly consideration to the matters at hand. Thanks for reading!