Today’s prayer focus is one that needs no introduction. Everyday it seems there is some news on the way our national race-related history and current tensions have flared up. I recently wrote about some of my own thoughts on all that is happening right now.  Today, I am praying this way:

Lord, help me to see people the way you see them. Color does matter – not because it stratifies us, but because it is part of our unique identity and dignity. Help me to not be color-blind, but to be aware of how our various skin colors affect our life experiences. I pray for white Americans to have the courage to explore those issues that people of color can’t avoid. Help us to ask the awkward and difficult questions, so that we might broaden our understanding, empathy, and action on behalf of those who face injustice.  And I pray that if anything I have said here displays my own naivety, that someone would tell me, and that I would be open to hearing it. I pray that all people would have an identity that is rooted in You, Lord, and that we would see each other with your eyes, and know with confidence which fights You would have us fight. Teach me to pray how today I do not yet know how to pray. Help me to love all my brothers and sisters in You, and treat with dignity and celebration all those You have made.