It’s March!

I am so excited about this day! I have been planning for March and praying for March and working toward March. Today we start a new thing in my church– a month-long contemplation on the life, death and ministry of Jesus Christ, and what he came to RESTORE for humanity. It starts with a question: “Who do YOU say that I am?”

This is the question Jesus asked His disciples in Luke 9, as many people in Israel were speculating as to the identity of this new teacher and miracle worker on the scene. Jesus asked His closest friends and companions: who do you say I am?

I think that is an extremely valuable question for each of us to ask ourselves: who do I say Jesus is? Who is He, really, to me? How does He impact my daily life? My speech? The way I approach relationships?

We have a new daily Bible reading list as well, with some prompts for reflection, so if you’d care to read along, please do! This also leads up to our Easter and Good Friday services. Our Good Friday service is something very unique: we will set up the Stations of the Cross in our sanctuary.

This is a very old tradition, which dates back several hundred years, beginning in the idea of pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and walking the path Jesus walked from the time of His condemnation by Pilate, through the crucifixion and to His resurrection from the dead. I first was introduced to this idea when I visited the Mater Dolorosa Passionist Retreat Center in Sierra Madre, California.

It was such an impacting experience for me as I took photographs and took time to sit at each Station, that I ended up making a scrapbook of the whole experience, and last year, I worked with other leaders at my church to create our own Stations of the Cross experience in our sanctuary.

This year, we are incorporating the themes of the Stations into our March reading and inviting people to submit their own original artwork on the theme, for use in the Event. I am excited to see what happens and how people engage! For the benefit of those in the Eugene area I am posting our artistic submission guidelines here.

And for everyone’s benefit, our reading list is here.

Won’t you join us?