(This is an entry I wrote last week in my own journal, and I finally have a moment to share it with you. It is based on our reading plan scriptures for December 15.)

Matthew 1:7-25 and Isaiah 7:10-15

All month I have been reading about different people that God chose to mention as part of the lineage of His Son, Jesus. The question I found in my head is, Why did God choose as He did? I asked myself this again as I read finally of Joseph discovering how God’s plan included him, as the husband to Mary, whom God had chosen to bear His son.

Not everyone would agree with this statement, but I believe that God is dynamically involved with us. That is, sometimes He decides based on what we decide. I think sometimes God’s Plan A doesn’t happen, because we don’t fall in line with it.

God chose Abraham, and then Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, David, and then Bathsheba, and finally, Mary and Joseph. Why them? As I pondered this question, the answer I settled upon is that it is not so much that they were so fantastic or amazing. I think what allowed them to be part of God’s Incredible Plan is that they were willing.

When there was a crossroads, and they had to decide how to live, they chose God, and they chose life. They chose to repent, and to not be bitter. They didn’t blame God for their circumstances. They embraced God in the midst of their circumstances. They chose to forgive when needed, they chose to cling to life and God when it was unpopular, when they felt it would be better for them, and also when they knew choosing God would make things more difficult.

God chooses all of us. But do we choose Him?

When we choose God, the doors open wide for incredible things God may let us in on!

I make no claim to have God figured out. If I thought I did have Him figured out, I’d be wrong… some aspects of God are beyond our ability to comprehend. But I do think we can observe by God’s interactions with His people, that God makes plans FAR in advance. Adam and Eve sinned, and already God revealed a plan to redeem, though the right time for that plan took thousands of years to arrive. I know God had a plan, but I don’t know that all the details of exactly who would be involved were set in place… but when God saw those who were willing, God brought them on board.

Several hundred years before Jesus’ birth, the prophet Isaiah said, “The virgin will conceive a child! She will call him Immanuel, ‘God is with us’” (Isaiah 7:14). Jesus is our Immanuel.

Thank you, God, for choosing to be with us. And thanks for letting us get in on your big plans – not because of our pedigree or talent or best choices and history, but just by our willingness to join you. Help me be willing everyday, so that I don’t miss a chance to be involved in what you are doing by my own stubbornness or pride or selfishness. I want to choose life… Amen.