Hi friends, just a quick post this morning… we are almost there! Almost to the end of the Month of Dedication. I am happy. Not just because I will be able to eat normally again, but SO HAPPY to have done this. A little extra focus on Jesus is a very good thing.

I just wanted to give you some things to think about as you prepare to break your fast. First, let’s take some time to REFLECT together:

How has God spoken over the past weeks? What were your biggest moments of revelation? What is God calling you to as this Month of Dedication ends? Going forward, what healthy habits need to remain in place? Is there an area of your life that God has shown He wants to bring you greater freedom? How can you pursue this? What people need to be involved?

Let’s not let this time just have been a meaningless experiment! How can God help us make lasting change as we live our daily lives?

Second, Let’s talk practically. I am looking forward to dark chocolate, Girl Scout cookies, and maybe a nice thick lasagna or burger. Mmmm… BUT, I am not going to eat those things all at once! The worst thing to do for your body after a time of fasting is to dive back into rich, fatty, sugary foods. The physical benefits can last too, if we can keep some moderation in our lives.

Take special care in how you break your fast. You don’t want to overload your body with the unhealthy foods you’ve been avoiding, or overload your soul with all the additional stimuli by a media binge! Slowly re-introduce foods to your diet, and give your body time to adjust. This can be a great time to begin a healthier eating lifestyle. Your metabolism changes when you eat less. Overeating can make you feel very sick after an extended fast. You may lose weight on the fast, but if you begin eating high fats and carbohydrates again, you may very quickly regain or gain more weight. You also may notice an intolerance to certain foods. Go slow, pay attention to your body’s reactions, and you can maintain the health benefits.

Especially if you are participating in a liquids-only fast, here are some tips for reintroducing solid food:

Day 1: toward the end of the day, eat a raw salad (no dressing) or fresh, non-acidic fruit.

Day 2: for breakfast, eat a fresh, non-acidic fruit and a piece of very dry whole-grain toast or plain oatmeal. Later in the day, try a steamed vegetable. Continue to have broth and juice and plenty of water.

Day 3: add to the prior list: a baked or boiled potato (no butter, salt, etc.), and yogurt with live cultures.

Day 4+: slowly add more foods, things like beans, brown rice, soft-boiled eggs, and honey before adding more refined foods or sugars, heavier dairy, spices, or meat

And let’s take a look at the Media piece too. Just as I am looking forward to some foods I have been fasting, I have my little list of all the media stuff I want to catch up on. The TV show… the frivolous stuff I like to read… all the Pinterest things I haven’t seen yet… the game apps I like to play on my iPhone… Actually in truth, I really don’t miss those things very much. And I honestly don’t know how I found time to do all the time-wasting online/on-phone junk I have been avoiding. It didn’t enhance my life. Why go back? I will go back to some of it on occasion, but I am taking some time to consider and talk to my husband about the place of media, phones, and internet in our lives. God needs to remain more important than those things, even when I am not on such deep restrictions.

What about you? What have been your benefits? What are your hopes for a better life going forward? I hope you are making a plan with Jesus!