I was reading Ephesians 6 today, which urges children to honor their parents. So, this is for them. 

Dear Mom and Dad, 

There is no way I could adequately thank you for the many blessings you’ve given me, but for a moment, I am going to try. First of all, thank you for leading me to Jesus. I am sure there were times I complained about church when I was a kid, but taking me to church and teaching me about Jesus at home is the best thing ever. Thank yougir all the Christian young adult novels you bought me, so I could have that help in forming my ideas about how to navigate life and relationships. Thank you for sending me to camps and mission trips and youth conferences and Christian concerts. Those things all helped form in me a love for God and His church, which is such a wonderful part of who I am today. Thank you for encouraging me to pursue my interests in other areas as well, like writing, sports, and art. You have always supported me and my dreams, and I really can’t imagine a better childhood. Most years there were camping trips instead of theme parks, and thrift stores instead of high end boutiques, but I really didn’t miss out on anything… Money can’t buy the love that was in our family, and that is what I remember. 

Thank you, dad, for all the long talks about the Bible and ministry, and for giving me a chance to spread my wings. Thanks for pointing out my husband to me. I am sure I would have noticed him eventually, but I know you are proud to have given me a nudge in the right direction– and it makes for a hit of a funny story! Thank you, mom, for the phone calls every other day when I was planning my wedding, first pregnant, and learning to be a mom. (I am still learning that!) Thanks for watching my kids right now so I can have some time to write and clean my house in quiet! Your advice and prayers are invaluable to me. I think you are much wiser than me, and also one of my biggest supporters/readers of this blog! Thank you. 

Thank you for letting us live at your house for nine months when we first moved to Oregon, and thanks for all the visits when we lived in California.  I am so glad that we live just down the street now! Your daily presence in my life is a blessing. Thanks for being people who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, full of laughter, hospitable, and encouraging. Thank you also for sharing with me the hard times in your own lives, and the challenges you have faced in your past, as well as what you go through even now. Seeing the Darker side helps me navigate my own life, understand you better, pray for you, and hopefully help you as well. 

You guys are the best!

Love, Heidi-Moose