Planning Your Personal Feast With God

In our daily reading prompts we have a snack and meal listed for each day: a few verses, or a full chapter if you have time. But it would be great if during your month you could also try to schedule at least one day during the fast to have a “Feast” with God. This is an extended time (an hour or more) outside of church/Bible study, etc. to spend with God. Think about what feeds your soul, and how you connect with God. If possible, go alone or with your Fasting Buddy, somewhere out in nature. (If you go with your Buddy, make sure this doesn’t just end up as a social time!) Try to spend time in each of the following areas, spending more time on whatever you feel helps you most connect with God:

  • Read your Bible
  • Meditate on scripture through writing, or repeating a verse aloud to your self. Ask God to show you more about what He would say to you through His Word.
  • Spend time in worship. Play an instrument, listen to a worship song, or sing. Check out the playlists created by our pastoral team if you need ideas.
  • Pray. Try praying out loud or in writing. It may feel weird if you have never done this before, but it can be a powerful exercise.
  • Unburden yourself! Tell God what is weighing you down. Pray, make lists, yell, whatever you need to do. Give it to God. “Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all he has done” (Philippians 4:6 NLT).

Make a plan before you begin. This is a feast you prepare! A little preparation will increase the benefits of your time “away.” Turn off your phone and completely “unplug” for this time. The world will keep turning if you leave it for a couple of hours! If you are available to only God, then God will take care of the rest.