If you are going on a journey, it’s a good idea to get a vehicle. Sure, you could plod along on foot, but if you really want to get somewhere, it’s nice to get a lift.
Today is day 2 of our Month of Dedication. And as I went about my day I thought, “I could really use a lift.” I’m forsaking my normal “quick happy” things for the fast. So what’s a girl to do? Enter The Playlist. Because for me, music has always been a wonderful vehicle. I listen to get motivated, I listen to Connect with God, I listen to help me process, and I listen sometimes to help me get out emotions that seem trapped. Even better, I usually sing along (but only in front of my kids!).
Because music is such a powerful voice to and for the soul, our pastoral team has put together a playlist for each week of the fast. Some I already have, and some I have downloaded this week. Some aren’t quite my style, but that’s why we had several people collaborate: something for everyone.
Today my song was “Worn” by Tenth Avenue North. It is kind of a melancholy but hopeful song, but it’s about keeping our eyes on Jesus even when feeling worn… Kind of the plight of humanity, eh? And certainly me today. I planned to post more, but the day has gotten away from me. I hope you are doing well… I am praying for you! Enjoy the song, and connect to our daily devotion prompts here.