I have not posted a Sabbath blog – or any blog, in awhile now, because I have not be observing it! (Boo!!) I have tried, but I decided that – at least for me – it is impossible to try to establish a Sabbath Lifestyle while moving. My life is busy anyway, and with the business of moving and unpacking filling every crevice of time, we come to the weekend and with all hopes, we just can’t seem to carve out a whole day. I don’t know how it will go this weekend, but we have at least one person coming to celebrate our Sabbath meal with us tonight. And I am going to do my best to do no unnecessary work as well. Tomorrow is church in the morning, and in the evening there is a women’s worship evening at church. We don’t have anywhere to be or anything to do after church, so at least that will provide us some bit of REST and time to FOCUS on God this weekend. And the house – since we are having people over – is relatively clean and put together now, so at least I won’t have piles of distraction all around me!

As I prepare for my Sabbath, I wanted to post briefly on here, what are some of the main things that define Sabbath? I will save the big Bible Study for a different post, but here are some things based on the Biblical discussion of Sabbath. 

Sabbath involves:

  • REST from commerce, worry, and work (or to focus on God’s work instead of our own)
  • WORSHIP in community with other believers
  • ESTABLISHING A RHYTHM OF LIFE – rightly relating leisure and work (i.e. there is a time for each, and we should put ourselves fully into each)
  • IDENTITY – we are God’s people, we are subordinate to God and should follow his patterns of life
  • LISTENING TO GOD as we create space for Him and remove distractions
  • INVITES CELEBRATION of creation, people, redemption (so take time to be with people, to be in nature, to work on healthy relationships instead of task lists, and think on such things as are lovely, pure, praiseworthy…Phil 4:8)

This is what I will talk about with the people who join us this evening, and this is what I will try to focus on this weekend. However you spend it, may your Sabbath thoughts be filled with Jesus, and may you find yourself renewed!