I just wanted to post quickly before Sabbath begins. It is cloudy, so I can’t quite tell, but I don’t think Sabbath has “officially” begun. I write this post from my cell phone I’m our NEW HOME. In my last post I was waiting for my miracle… It came faster than expected! Thursday night we heard we’d been approved to rent and we got the keys yesterday afternoon. After my daughter’s birthday party today some people came to help us move, and we shared our thankfulness and joy by buying pizza and salad for dinner. As I enter this Sabbath, I won’t be doing “normal” work, but I also won’t be purely resting! I am extremely grateful and mindful of The Lord right now, though.
Sabbath, at it’s core, is about family, rest, God, worship. Last weekend was a “fail” because we just ended up being really busy. This weekend and the coming week will also be busy, but in the middle of chaos of moving, and all the projects I know that are coming up, I want to make sure I don’t become so busy that my family and my god are pushed to the side.
Sabbath is a lifestyle. It takes time to develop a new lifestyle. Bit by bit, I want to let god transform my life and heart to be in his rhythms.
Thank you, Lord, for the home, family, friends, and many other blessings you’ve given me. My cup runs over… Please direct me to those you would have it spill out onto. Amen.