(Reading List Theme 2 Bonus)

I have always liked to have control over my life. Everyone who knows me well would probably read that line and laugh and say, “Yeah, and control over everyone else too!” And I’d then reply, “Ha ha you are hilarious” with daggers coming out of my narrowed eyes. But in all truth, though I wouldn’t call myself a big “rules” person and I am pretty flexible (I think), I do like to have boundaries in place, and a general plan and set of goals to work toward. I don’t want to be controlled by anything else, which is one of the reasons I never have more than one drink at a time (and rarely even that), I try to stay healthy, and I work hard. It is also the reason I generally try not to drink too much coffee, because I hate the idea of NEEDING to drink coffee to feed a caffeine addiction. …Until the last few month, when I have been too busy and too tired and undisciplined because of stress, and I do in fact NEED that daily cup of coffee to stave off a headache. Boo!

One of these days I’ll start getting enough sleep so I won’t need the caffeine, and then I’ll endure the headache and get off the addiction. I’ve done it before! But I will not do it today.

What I will do today, is think about how much a daily cup of coffee mirrors the way we daily need the Lord.  I have read Proverbs many times, and led a study following this particular reading list several times as well, but never before have I been so impacted by the Bible’s constant urging that we seek God daily. I saw it in Matthew 6, in the psalms, in Exodus, and today in Proverbs 8:34, “Happy are those who listen to me, watching for me daily at my gates, waiting for me outside my home!”

If I don’t DAILY seek the Lord in some capacity – be it prayer, worship, reading the Bible, meditating on scripture, having deep conversations about Biblical spirituality, or some other way – the effects show up in my life. It might not be as noticeable as a caffeine withdrawal headache, but it is just as debilitating. More, even. If I do not get my daily cup of wisdom, my whole life suffers.

One of the reasons I started a blog is to invite others into my spiritual journey. Many things are better with friends! Exercise is easier, food is more fun to cook, adventures are more thrilling, the workload is lighter, even my motivation to clean is much stronger if friends will share the fruit of my labors.

I love the way Wisdom is personified in Proverbs 8, 9, and elsewhere… she is like a friend, inviting us over to share in her happiness, to eat what wholesomeness she offers, and be invigorated by her life. When I first moved to  Oregon from California, I had family here, but I didn’t have friends. My needs were met, I had family to spend time with and love, but something still ached in my soul. I was lonely for the lack of friendship.

Wisdom is a good friend, and if we don’t seek out her company, we will find an ache in our souls. I am so glad I know where to turn when I need Wisdom… “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Knowledge of the Holy One results in understanding” (Prov 9:10).

Lord, when I am troubled, help me to recognize the signs of withdrawal – that what I really need is You. The challenges of life may attack, but they don’t have to become headaches, if I seek you daily. Help me to do that! Help me to hear Wisdom when she speaks – to both recognize her voice, and follow her path. In following her, I follow you, and you bring life, joy, and peace.